The Art of Staffing

Having the right people is vastly more important than technique or technology in any business. Equally important is avoiding the wrong people, as highlighted in these LMT anecdotes:

Keeping a Toxic Employee “We held on to him because technicians are hard to come by and he was talented… We were afraid to lose his skills but the reality is that any time an employee leaves we always figure it out and, without fail, it’s for the better.” -Beth Wiand, Wiand Dental Laboratory, Scottsdale, AZ

Letting a Great Technician Go “If I could go back in time, I would be more aggressive about getting new business or even sacrifice my own paycheck to keep her; it would have been an investment in the future.” -Joshua Polansky, Niche Dental Studio, Voorhees, NJ

Being Too Trusting “My husband’s minority partner did not expect me to succeed my husband and when he found out I was staying on as the majority partner, he was not happy about it to say the least….I had a forensic audit done which confirmed the defalcations: $350,000 in stolen metal and more.” -Andrea Tintrup, Tintrup Dental Lab, Inc., Mount Vernon, NY

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